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Hello Pantyhog Forum. I am one of the webmasters at I’m glad to see you’re discussing us here, and I just wanted to set a few things straight.

1. Yes, we are a new site. We spent two months coding and testing the site and we just started our soft launch this week. The site is currently in beta phase.
2. As for zero traffic, actually we have had over 3,000 visits and over 100 registered users. Not bad for just one week. We expect a lot more next month when we initiate our fullscale launch.
3. As for the AFF Ads, they are not to trick anyone. They just help pay the bills for the servers and advertising. That’s how we make the website and our services FREE!!!
4. As for giving Pantyhog a buck, we actually emailed twice asking Pantyhog if we could sponsor them and they refused to write back. We would be happy to pay for an ad on this site.
5. As for the “Spam” we apologize if anyone was offended. We have been very careful to only send one email per person and we have only emailed people who advertise their panty-selling services. This was just to announce our new site, and we will not be sending anymore.

So thanks again for thinking of us, and please do &#147:cheer:ecide for yourself”

Very Best,

Betty Boing

P.S. what’s wrong with the name Betty Boing?

I would like to draw attention to point No 5, where it is stated that only one email has been sent.
Yes, I only recieved one email, which didn’t bother me, what I did object to, is the comment you put on my blog trying to tell me how honest and genuine your site is.

My blog is for Panty Buyers & Sellers to read and enjoy, I advertise the sellers I WANT to advertise and comments are ALWAYS welcome from BUYERS or just passers by. NOT people trying to entice me – it won’t work.


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