The most profitable item to sell on Pantydeal

There are many people who have a fetish for worn panties. Although it may be scorned upon in the rest of the world – in the panty fetish world – this fetish is embraced and even encouraged.

Selling used undies

5 Step Guide on how to find a profitable product to sell on Pantydeal


Top 5 profitable items to sell on


Nr. 1 Worn panties

The most popular item on any panty selling site is of course pussy stained panties. Men tend to spend a lot of money for used panties online. However, women can make money from multiple streams when it comes to this business. These worn and unwashed panties are sold for between 25 to 40$ depending on how long they have been worn for. For Fetishists – this is a priceless item as they love sniffing panties. This is one of the best ways to make easy money online. If you look good – you are going to be very successful.

Nr. 2 Phone and livecam Sessions

They also enjoy a chat with sexy women. So go online and make their day – once you see how much cash is rolling in, it will make your day as well. There are many premium sellers who will tell you that they sold a live cam session on Pantydeal. Aside from going online to buy worn panties, men also like to “look around”. So you are not just limited to sell worn undies but you are encouraged to also sell homemade sex tapes.

Nr. 3 Selling homemade sextapes and amateur pictures

Theses tapes cost very little to make – just like your investment in panties. If you do a few live shows for the month – you can easily make 400 $ the first month. Many women are even doing it for a second income. Fetish buyers tend to be very visual people and if you can give them something that looks good, you are almost guaranteed a sale.

Aside from simply selling undies – you can also sell photos of yourself masturbating in the actual panties. You can sell a set of photos for around 5$ or you can even sell a set of videos for around 30$. Men will buy pictures from amateurs in this business.

Nr. 4 Selling dirty socks online

Although dirty smelly socks for sale is not a request you see everyday – they are out there. There are a select few people who have a fetish for this type of thing and don’t mind forking out the cash for it. So go ahead and advertise your smelly goodies and see where it goes. Take some sexy photos of yourself in these socks and make the photos do the selling for you.

Nr. 5 Pussy pops

Pussy pops are as expected – a very popular request in the online panty selling business. If you are selling worn panties, videos and photos online – you can give these away as freebies. Men will naturally love it and you very well start attracting loyal clientele base. This means repeat business and ultimately a more steady income. A free pussy pop could open up doors for you in this business adventure. The main point to remember when doing your business is that the panty fetish can be so much fun – if you truly allow it to be. Just let your creative side take over and make some extra cash in the process.


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