Reply To: Re: 2007 Golden Panty Awards


Thanks for the input so far everyone  😉 .

All good suggestions. Here is what I get from them so far:

1. We will add a category to recognize non panty sellers (guys or girls) who have contributed to the community, helped out the ladies, greeted new members, etc.

2. The Awards will be open ladies who have had at least some presence here at Panty Hog. This one is a little tougher because some ladies come and go and come back intermittently. Should we say something like the person needs to have been registered at Panty Hog for a certain time period before the nominations begin?

3. A Lifetime Achievement Award should be considered. How about more suggestions regarding what this would entail. Length of time selling, etc.?

4. Best Scent should possibly be added as a category. As some have said, this one is also a bit tricky. What’s great for Joe, might not be good for John. Best scent is certainly subjective, but on the otherhand, if you think about it, all of the categories are. Maybe we need to talk more here about this?

As far as Cindy dropping out from being considered for any awards, Cindy we’ll miss you competing, but I’m sure all of us will understand and respect your decision and your reasons behind it. I will be happy to also have Cindy be involved as the host/presenter of the Awards. I always flub up anyway! I would suggest though that it might be best if Cindy, Amy, and I are in the same room together  :cheer:, preferably nude and covered in Baby Oil for the presentation of the Awards. Folks, please send Cindy some money toward her plane ticket, she’s coming to the States!  :laugh: . (Videos of the resulting threesome can be pre-ordered).  :ohmy:

Last year there was some discussion about length of time someone needed to be selling in order to be considered for the Seller of the Year (Gold/Silver/Bronze) awards. We’ve traditionally set it at one year. Is this still the way people want it to be?



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