Reply To: Re: 2007 Golden Panty Awards


Yes one year is fair enough to qualify for the golden awards… I also agree with Mike about being members .. remember last year was infiltrated by German girls who nobody ever heard of and haven’t heard from since.  This should NOT happen again. 

I believe any seller who is worthy of a Panty Hog Prize should be a member here for at LEAST 3 months to qualify entry.  That will at least stop the last minute sign ups in a panic :).

I also think the timing of the Awards is really SHITTY over Christmas and New Year and after New Year it seems too late really because the buzz has gone out of it. I suggest bringing the awards to the first week in December.  That cuts out any whining crap that went on last year as well and then the winners get to display the awards on their site even sooner 🙂

And thanks PK for allowing me to help you this year.  I will start working on some banners and ads and dropping them around the web in a couple of months hehe 🙂 .. as for coming to the states .. ID LOVE TO!! I have a girlfriend in Florida I am DIEING to visit so I could do a “Cindy does USA” gig LOL 😛

Can’t wait for the awards .. I already know who I am voting for the Golden Seller of the Year!


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