Reply To: Re: Harry Potter!!!


Yeah I totally understand why the epilogue is like that its just I kind of forgot that it was for kids with all the deaths and stuff – and then its a bit of a shock to go back to them being all safe and happy at the end.

I really couldn’t see Harry and Ginny together either, it was quite predictable but I can’t really see that working on screen anyway. They seem a bit of an odd couple.

Also, anyone know why Harry couldn’t feel the crucio curse just after he had come back to life? He came back and was pretending to be dead and Voldemort was waving him around with the curse but he couldn’t feel it. Is it because Voldemort’s wand was the elder wand and  therefore really Harry’s?

And poor Snape!! I actually love him now! I feel really sorry for him, everyone was always so horrible to him!


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