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I checked it out and I was immediately put off by the Adultfriendfinder ads. We get slapped in the face with these paid porn ads so much. Can’t we keep panty sales friendly and personal. This goes right along with sellers posting “pics of the day” which are nothing more than a big ad for some pay site. I can’t speak for all buyers but I know for myself if I go to your site and you have a pic of the day I expect it to be the seller in the pic. That is why I am there in the first place. Since I’m on the complaining roll, how about the annoying music video players and sparkly junk people put all over their auction listings? This stuff does nothing but annoy the hell out of buyers. Half the time you can’t even read the words of the auction because some damn butterfly or heart keeps whizzing by. Keep it simple.

Just my thoughts.  B)


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