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Can I just say .. now seeing as two people spotted it.. there is a “report to moderator” link on each and every post and although us moderators do the best we can and kill off 99 percent of the crap that is posted before most people see it, there will be times when we miss things now and again.

It is up to YOU guys to report an offending post you see instead of actually posting a reply and bringing the thread up to everyone’s attention.  I only realised there was a problem when I saw Annis post so in future, please report the post itself instead of drawing even more attention to it.  That way one of us can whizz in and edit it or whatever without making a huge song and dance about it and probably offending even more people who read it. 

The other alternative is asking PK if you could become a moderator too so you can do it yourself?

Thanks hunnies  smt


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