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I like how open this forum is with new members, especially when I was new. But I totally understand how having all the new posts in one day being “new panty girl” is annoying.

Made me chuckle… I recently posted my first post entitled just that! hehe.. and I thought I was original!  Actually. it’s fairly obvious that I’m not very original in doing this, I thought it seemed to be the done thing here.  However, I wouldn’t have dreamt of re-posting the same thing all over the place.  It seems to me that there’s a wide selection of different categories to post in and its pretty obvious what they’re all for.  It’s not as if you can’t advertise your site whilst posting about other stuff… signatures seem to do that very well.  Sounds to me like the mods are doing a sterling job of keeping the posting sensible (just leaving one post rather than multiples).

Thank you to all of you who’ve welcomed me here.

Scarlet xx


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