Reply To: Re: True panty lover? Or maybe not


You sound a lot like a buyer of mine who became a good friend.  He is very turned on by the thought of my panties and is very generous with his purchases.  For him though, it is more of the excitement of something being so close to me, the thought of what it would be like to take them off before having sex with me…  The smell does not do anything for them initially.  He does enjoy the scent after some time has passed and they are not so strong.

He realized that the idea of used panties was gross to him for everyone else but me.  I think it has a lot to do with who you order them from.  I don’t know if this sounds at all like your situation. 

I think you might have some better luck ordering from a girl who understands you need a lighter wear, perhaps the hint of a woman’s pussy not a big creamy, strong, mess.  Us panty girls generally try to err on the side of more scent rather than less but I know I have buyers who just want a couple hours wear.  smt


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