Reply To: Re: Uber Newbie Here…


With regards to the original poster’s site– The flash intro I feel is going to be annoying to buyers and I can say if I was a panty buyer I would much rather see the home page as the first page than the flash intro.

I am also unclear as to exactly what you’re offering.  Under “Nice Girl Panties” there is an option for Baby Doll panties with a “flutter of fragrance”.  I took that to mean perfume but maybe I’m wrong.  But most buyers DO NOT want any perfume, body spray, soap smells, etc. on their pair.

A lot of the descriptions are not terribly clear as to exactly what the buyer is getting and in my humble opinion, I think your prices are very high for a newbie.

Don’t take anything personally, I’m just offering you some constructive criticism from someone who’s been around for a bit…  smt


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