All Hail- The Bratness' Reign

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    I always had my beady eyes, hahahaaa, fixed on her lushness. I followed her around , rummaged around in her store, transfixed with that bubble behind and big girl eroticism. Finally i decided to make full contact and was pleasantly surprised(maybe presold heh) by her absolute frankness and skill as a businesswoman. Suffice it to say that as usual I oredered small initially, testing , testing. BUT LO i quickly found myself ordering FOUR times my original intention. I told her i wanted a smorgasbord of visual and olfactory delights. And OMG did she deliver. A heart pounding look at the gusset wheic she enwrapped with grease paper(newbies may note this trick of experience)to preserve againt the vile vagaries of PO lead time HEHEH!!!One sniff sent me ballastic and a roar of triumph escaped. Mt squeeze was in the house and rushed to my office thinking “something was amiss” as the lovely naughty Chaucer canterbury narrative informs us. “WHAT”S wrong babe?” ” Oh my zipper, slipped ,I’m horribly pinched” ” careful , i’ll be visiting tonight”
    Phew!!! suffice it to say that I revelled in The Bratness unique scent —and tho’ not basically a gusset licker, i smelled with long indrawn breaths, sniffed, licked , sucked marvelling at the fact that her dainty P/lips had carressed this stretch of fabric for days. I saw her entire intimate history over that period IN DA crotch. I became hypnotized with sensory overload until finally I paid the ultimate tribute of placing the holy object on my desk and standing watch while weeping over this Queen of the dirty pantie. Jerk would come later after squeeze departed and last for an hour or two. All Hail Brats.definitely a re=-order fan.


    *blushes and smiles*

    Why thank you for this write up DP!!! You are definitely one of my more interesting and entertaining buyers. I loved preparing those panties for you and can’t wait to do it again, now that we both know exactly what you like and need from me. 😉



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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