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    Hi Everyone

    Off the back of today’s meeting about dissertations at Uni combined with a couple of personal issues (nothing sinister – don’t worry) I have decided to temporarily retire from our wonderful business of Used Panties.

    I will however still be a mod on here (for as long as PK will have me) and I’ll still be with Panty Trust (ditto Bill) because despite shouting at the odd person  😉 I enjoy being here, helping people, etc and will really need the light relief whilst ploughing through a 12,000 word thesis.

    Plus how can I miss hounding the asshats that try and sully our dirty panties eh?

    My site is still up with a ‘temporary closure’ notice so you don’t need to worry about having my dead link ruining your site.

    I’ve left your links up for my traffic.

    A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all my buyers past and present.


    Wow, I hope you feel like reopening the drawer someday Anna, and best of luck with the thesis. Everyone I’ve known who has done one has had to throw all their energy into it, so it makes sense to make more room for it.

    At least you’ll still be around here though.  🙂

    Gemma xxoo


    OH Anna,
    No more knickers from you!  :cry:  But at least your still be around here and that a very good thing indeed  😉

    smt :kiss:

    Ruby Red

    [move][glow=red,2,300]Best of luck to you, Anna[/glow][/move]


    soooo glad you will still be around :)  :kiss: :kiss:


    Wish ya the best! ( glad your still hangin’in with the gang though )  :coolsmiley:


    MUCH hugs Anna.

    I’m so glad you are sticking around, and maybe the temporary retirement will be good for you and your course 🙂

    You better keep posting woman.
    And dont forget we still have to go out mischief making Missy.


    Good luck in your work Anna, I couldn’t study, have a life and do this, so you need a break I’m sure  😉

    Have you considered going exclusive like Cinds, maybe just do a pair every so often?


    Best of luck to you Anna!  I am so glad that you will be still around though!  What in the world would we do without you??  smt


    Good luck Anna!
    It’s been so great having you here, and I’m happy you’ll still be around.


    Awwwww thanks guys. You see how hard it would be to leave you for good?

    I just couldn’t  B)


    I noticed that on your site and was shocked. Ditto from everyone about how great it is for established sellers to stay and keep the community strong.



    I didn’t really know you but I am quite sad to see you go.  I read when you began you were a bit shy about posting and such and how far you’ve come.  I guess it seems fitting my first post should be here.  Good luck and I know you’ll be missed.  Thank goodness you’ll be around a bit for newbies like me.

    Kisses, Nic


    Thank you Nic, that’s a lovely thing to say smt

    I’m not actually going, just taking a breather from selling for a while.

    Welcome to Panty Hog by the way  smt


    Thanks for the welcome Anna 🙂

    I’m so glad you’ll still be around!!!!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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