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    As you all know, my blog has had to be deleted, but I haven’t clicked the confirm link I got by email, so I am hoping it can be retrieved, does anyone know anything about this?

    What I am planning to do is bring it back but make it private, then I’ll post the password on here for you all to view.

    Does this sound good?

    Any help to do this is appreciated, I have posted a Q on wordpress for help but support is closed till Mon.


    Sooooooooooooooooo glad you are coming back hunny!!  I couldnt believe it when your blog diappeared.  I was so concerned xxx

    I think its a great idea, and you know we’ll all come and read and support you.  You may well be able to retrieve it as your blog doesnt yet say deleted.


    I don’t use WordPress as you know, but if I’m right in thinking that you voluntarily deleted your blog (OK, well not totally voluntarily, but as far as WordPress is concerned) then I would expect it to only be totally deleted when you click “Confirm”.  Until then I would expect there to be a cancel option.

    You might need to cancel it, archive it somehow, then create a new private blog – and then fully delete the WordPress blog.

    Bear in mind that since I’m unfamiliar with WordPress, most of that is speculation.


    It says deleted when I look for it. I’m afraid it’s gone Stix.


    As far as i know, once you have deleted a blog, whether or not you confirmed it via email, its gone. Thats what happen with my 1st blog, i never did confirm, but its nolonger there  😥
    So as far as i can tell, your have to start a new blog.



    It turns out my Hubby did click confirm on the email so its well and truly gone  😥

    But…A new blog is under construction and also under wraps!!! And I can improve on the last one.

    A few things have disappeared for good – 2 stories being one – very sad about that. But now I can upload pics that are smaller so to have more space and I’ve also found the coloured type button!!

    I need help redoing my wishlist, and Panty Trust link though and also a new header and gallery.

    Not a lot can keep me down for long though!!!  bb


    [quote author=Stix link=topic=2762.msg18059#msg18059 date=1194785443]

    A few things have disappeared for good – 2 stories being one – very sad about that.

    You could ask your readers if anyone kept a copy
    Alot of people might have kept a text copy, you never know!


    Oh, I hope you didn’t lose it – I would be devastated if I lost mine, it’s like my personal memoirs – even I read back a year or two ago and get a kick out of some of my entries!

    Maybe you can email them and see if it is still on their servers? Worth a shot..maybe it works like your own PC – if you delete something, it isn’t really gone until the actual information is overwritten by something new? 


    Yay!! Thanks to help from Gemma  smt , I’ve rescued my stories!!!
    So the blog is filling out nicely but still under wraps  😉

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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