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    Hi everybody,

    So i didn’t know that i couldn’t sell through a particular place so I made a little page for myself…its prety basic right now but its up.

    Thats the link for now:


    Oooooooo soooo Betty Paige – I love that look! :kiss:

    The only problem with geocities is that they don’t allow adult content so you may get closed down. You’d be better off getting a blog like most of the sellers do now.


    thanks for letting me know Anna.  its just to have a place with info for now.  but i will keep my eye on it in case the internet police show up :)  and thanks for the bettie compliment…shes one of my heroes. i’m a huge pin up girl at heart 🙂


    I’m guessing you’re French Canadian? You really have the French look going on.

    I love the pin-up look, Bettie Paige, the Vargas girls, cheesecake – so much sexier than the crotch-in-your-face-look


               Love the photos!!!
                    Welcome to PH  smt


    HI and welcome … be careful with Geocities though, they will shut you down as you are breaking their TOS with having that kind of content on there xx


    Actually, I am from Quebec so technically that does make me french canadian but i am an anglophone in quebec.  i do speak french but i went to english school here.  my ancestry is from spain.  my parents and grandparents and so forth are from spain.

    and i’ll make sure i try to keep my geocities on the down low.  and thank you all for saying i look like bettie page.  i am HUGE into the retro scene and love the compliments because it means i’m doing something right. 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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