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    Hey PK,

    I know I emailed you once about a chat room here that existed once. I was just wondering if there was an ETA on if, and when, a chat room might be made available again at the Hog?


    Hi Nicola,

    The company that makes the chat room service we’ve used here since the beginning of the site was bought out by AOL. AOL decided to do some major upgrades which broke the “hook” we were using that allowed Panty Hog members to sign in here and be signed in there automatically. The chat room maker started saying a working hook will be out any day back in December. It still hasn’t happened. In about two weeks I will have some time off of work and will get a chat room in here. It may just be text chat though until the video/audio chat room service finally becomes available to us again.



    When Panty hog started we had some good times in chat but as some of you may know i am not too hot with all the computer know how.
    You had to look at someone on web cam,hear them speak AND see what other people were saying,so if someone said hello Jazzy im about three questions later on before i answer back,so with that in mind i think chat only meantime would be a good place to start.
    Best to arrange a set time ie. Sunday noon in USA is about 5.00 pm in UK.
    At the moment AOL are not too clever so i’d hold off ,just to see how things go.

    All suggestions i hope will be welcome,maybe different times or special days ie. Birthdays.

    Jazzy :dry:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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