Crotch (sexy) perspiration odor anyone familiar?

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    Hello all,

    Here is a somewhat rare issue I have encountered with some ladies in the past and Im wondering if anyone else has encountered this male or female?

    I have come across a few women that had a strong yet to me (very erotic) perspiration smell (exactly the same as underarm smell when you don’t use deodorant and workout for a while)on their panties. Only two women out of 10 I have encountered had this smell to their crotch. I found it a big turn on and smelling it made me VERY horny.

    I did some Googling and only found one old article on this below.

    After reading it I’d be interested in anyone’s (male or female) who are familiar with this also.

    I have an embarrassing odor problem in the crotch area due to sweating. The odor is the same as underarm body odor. FDS didn’t seem to help any. Cornstarch and powders work for about an hour. I wear only cotton panties. It seems that gel deodorants (Mitchum/Soft & Dri) are the only products that will control the odor for more than one hour (not long enough). Is using antiperspirants/deodorants harmful to my body (I do not use it in the clitoral/vaginal region, only on the “mound” of hair)? Also, how can I eliminate this sweating? My friends don’t seem to have this problem. I am 32 and the problem seems to worsen each year.


    I wonder if this is a put on? I’ve never come across female crotch that smelled like raw(undeodoranted)armpit.Didn’t know that was possible. Diff. type of sweat glands?but what do I know? All i know is some girls have a tendency to ‘smell’ very sharp in the crotch when bleeding. Knew one christian girl with hal-inch nipples, who loved to play hard -to-get, UNTIL she was bleeding. Crotch odour was high; anytime i got a whiff of that such as when drivingout, I knew i was in like Flynn.Same girl who would berate me for being heathen(i.e. giving church a miss) would be making excuses for me and say i was not the worst etc(apparently she then realised I could be tired from overwork etc). She bled over my dick as I plugged her crotch hole. I used to rub under her hairy underarme to smell her rank sweat too. Phucck!!!

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