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    My name is Amanda and I am a 22 year old college student from San Diego California. Nothing makes me more wet than the thought of you having your hands on a pair of my panties.

    You tell me what kind of panties (right down to the color and type!) and what you want me to do in them! I aim to please and I will meet your specifications as best as I can

    I don’t pre-wear and package them and I wear them in the order the payments arrive, there may be a slight delay as I work through the list. If it looks like it will be more than two days, I’ll email you to let you know when I’ll be able to wear your order.

    Every pair of panties is put on when I get out of my morning shower, and then worn throughout the day whatever I’m doing, whether it be shopping, reading a book or visiting friends, which is a bit exciting for me, knowing they don’t know the panties I’m wearing will soon be held in your hands!

    Of course I sleep in them, so they don’t come off until the next morning and they go straight into a zip-locked bag. I double bag and then wrap them in pretty tissue paper with a personalized note, and pop them into a post pack to send to you that day.

    I do of course take time to play while wearing your panties to assure that they are nice and fragrant

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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