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    I have just launched my website to start selling my used dirty pants =) I can’t wait to get your orders in and start wearing them all night and masturbating hard in them.
    My period is due on the 20th of August so if your into it check me out soon. I can bleed quite heavily so it’s sure to be slimy =)


    Speak soon!

    Wendi xXx


    Hi Wetwendy and welcome.

    I just went to your site and was initially confused as to who Huge Henry was… I assume he is the owner of Dirty Boxers?
    You might want make clearer as to who does what…

    You cannot use Paypal as method of payment as it does not allow adult transaction. What you’re doing is illegal and your PP account will be shut.

    You have listed your site on our directory but failed to respect our request for a reciprocate link. Your listing will be deleted.

    If you are serious about selling panties on Panty Hog I would suggest you read the section Panty University and visit PantyTrust.com, they both offer plenty of useful information.

    Feel free to ask if you need help, but I would strongly suggest you sort your site out first!



    Thanks, I only found out today that paypal doesn’t allow it… I am looking for an alternative – could you suggest any?

    “Huge henry” is actually my boyfriend who is into sniffing my underwear – so we thought we would see if there is any demand for male worn pants.

    I will add the link to usedpantyportal when i get home – i didn’t realise it needed to be up before submitting the listing.


    Western Union, postal orders, cheques etc…

    There might be a demand for male worn boxers, but considers how would a buyer feel when he lands on your website and sees a bloke in pants other then a girl in a g-sting?

    The first impression is an important one…..

    But good luck tho… let us know how Henry gets on…



    welcome to pantyhog. Im sure you’ll fine tons of relevant info in the forums, and as Serena says, first impressions are everything 🙂

    Good luck, and hope to see you around the hog!



    Hi there, and welcome!

    I like your site, it’s well laid out, simple and easy to navigate. More pictures would be good though! Also, I think that your prices are too cheap, £12 for a thong worn for a week is way too low, have a look at other girls sites to get an idea of the going rate for panties and other items.

    Good luck to you both! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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