Disclamer. www.serenaspanties.com is not Serena

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    I’ve had a busy week with people fucking my time, and here I am again thanks to yet more lazy newbies wanting to be me.

    Legal Disclamer:
    ™Serena’s Secret Used Panties has nothing to do with this site: http://www.serenaspanties.com
    This is not my email address: Serenaspanties @ ymail.com
    This Serena is NOT me

    I’m seeking legal advice and will be looking to peruse this site bases on Trade Marks Infringements.
    Although  this may not be possible it is important that with this announcement you understand that this site has no relation to ™Serena’s Secret Used Panties – Trademark Brand since 2006.

    of Serena’s Secret Used Panties


    AWWW!!! and I thought you had had an epiphanic momentary relapse and we underpriviledged fans were in luck, getting ready to flood the moneychangers , and causing overload in the financial system. Ah well!!! all that glisters is not gold, groan, sigh!!!Apart from that, I agree with you completely. I too think its an attempt by some young lady, or worse, male impostor, to pirate your unique brand name.


    Why do people have to do horrible things like this to nice people?!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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