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    As far as celebreties goes, the only one I would make an effort to meet is Dita Von Tesse , the one and only Fetish Queen and definition of Sexy.
    She is combining her sex appeal with her compassion for animals to launch PETA’s new ABC campaign.
    I’m not sure it gets any better… unless you don’t like animals….

    Dita Von Teese Launches PETA’s.   smt


    Ruby Red

    She is smokin hot 😉 and what a tiny waist too….I absolutely love her look, I even saved my guy’s Playboy when she was on the cover.  Her former husband, as many of you know, took most if not all of the shots for that spread, which all turned out to be amazing. This photo is NOT one of Manson’s but stop by her site…lovely  😉


    So, Yay! I’m always up for a good cause. Will def check out the link, Serena…have to get back to the rest of my turkey…guess I shouldn’t say that for this particular link, eh?  :idiot2:

    DVT inspires me so much that I would love to do a glamorous photo shoot. I’ve always loved the burlesque and pin-up girl looks. HOT  😛


    That cannot be a real fox, surley ?!!
    Or is it??
    Fuck! I’m confused now, I thought she liked animals, but not in a dyeing them blue and wearing them sense…

    Ruby :huh:?  😥
    Help me  :ohmy:

    Ruby Red

    Some of the fur she wore is fake, but some is not. Like I said before, perhaps she’s turned a new leaf and refuses to wear animals now. 

    We can give her the benefit of the doubt since she has gone public with PETA. PETA is militant when it comes to members currently abusing or violating their code of ethics.

    PETA will come down on anyone like a ton of bricks; they are serious when it comes to that. I am not a member of PETA since I’m not a vegetarian. I CAN be a member, but I like to comply with all the rules when I join an organization.

    The vegetarian rule is a rule that’s bent with PETA, but raises an eyebrow or two  :rolleyes:

    But I am a member of just about every other animal welfare organization you can think of lol.  I also volunteer for an agency.  smt

    So to put some minds at ease, I’m pretty sure she isn’t using real fur NOW.

    We shouldn’t crucify her for what she’s done, but praise her for what she’s doing now.  🙂


    Thanks Rubs  smt
    That sounds plausible.
    I’m confident that Dita would be repented about her wrongdoing, if any!


    Excluding bugs  :knuppel2:    they make me itch  :uglystupid2:

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