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    I know that I haven’t been around here much for the last couple of months, sorry about that, I’ve really been struggling for time and have been using any spare time I have on orders and updating my site.

    Sadly, after a crazy few months I have had to make the decision to give up selling. I simply don’t have the time anymore to provide the level of service that I pride myself upon, and would rather finish altogether than let my standards slip. My circumstances have changed a lot in the last six months, and despite trying to juggle everything it’s just not possible for me anymore.

    I have put an announcement on my site, but for anyone who is reading this and is concerned, I will of course be fulfilling all outstanding orders, I will just not be accepting any new ones.

    I do have a lot of panty stuff left, so if any sellers are interested in buying anything let me know, I’ll give you a good deal!

    Thank you so much to everyone here who has looked after me and supported me in various ways, it’s been great and I will truly miss you. It has been a really difficult decision to give up something that I enjoy so much. Unfortunately, life just gets in the way sometimes. 🙁

    Take care.



    So sorry to hear of this event,I think alot of us understand about that life-thing getting in the way at times and I think I have an understanding that this decision you made wasn’t an easy 1. I wish you the best in the days that are ahead and you will be missed rightback at ya!!
    Good Luck Pony! :S


    Aww it is sad to see you go Pony 🙁
    I hope your circumstances have changed for the best, and may you continue to look after those small furry things the way you do.
    Take good care of yourself xx You will be missed


    Sorry to hear of your retirement but thank you for letting us know. So many times I see sellers who don’t have the time to do it right anymore try to make it work anyway and while they have the best intentions,that never seems to work out for the best. So I appreciate your thinking that through.

    If things change again down the line, you know where to find us and we’ll be happy to see you back again.

    Take care,


    good luck, and if things quiet down you know we will always be here with open arms 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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