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    Hey all! I’m Kat, and I’m pretty much brand-new here (just signed up, as a matter of fact.)

    I’ve always toyed with the idea of selling my panties, but frankly I never thought there would be much of a market for it. I guess I was wrong! *lol*

    I’m a 28-year-old, kinky BBW, and I am so glad I found this site. Maybe I’ll finally be able to do what I’m always dreamed of doing — sharing my used panties with those who will enjoy them most! 😉

    I’d love to get to know some like-minded people on the site, so feel free to reply if you like. This whole thing is still pretty new to me. 🙂



    Welcome aboard and hope you enjoy your visits with us all plus come to find out finding your way around here gets easier and easier as time presses on!!
    Welcome once again!


    welcome kat 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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