I made my first sale

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    Give me a cheer dirty house wife panties Rock I was told hairy pussy yum.*lol* Omg this is so funny, I did have another panty hog name it was bubblegumtounge but I can’t get into the account anymore. I lost all my computer info my feedback is great on ebannaned as well. It is the same name.

    Its my first:blink: sale in a while though and I really needed the money. Gosh I am so thankful it came threw others have backed out or didn’t write me back after a few emails this one came threw . I can’t wait to put his package together.:blink:

    Gosh it is hard to pull you boys in , I guess so many people out there been hurt before or such. I do grab bags of panties so if anyones interested in smelly housewife grab bag post.


    P.S. See My stain that helped my phone stay on. Guys rock!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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