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    Ok so i went to the Dmv the other day, because people who card me are Re-…Special and honestly don’t believe me when i say its really me. so finally after having to go in to the bank with my passport, my id, and my cosco card, they believed it was me.
    why would i be trying to deposit money in to some one elses account?* i lost my bank card, or rather i melted it, by accident…*
    so i get to the Dmv and there are maybe 4 cars outside. i walk in expecting very few people, and the place is packed… its 4pm and its packed… like Wal-mart on the first…
    so i get to the guy at the counter and he is smiling at me. i fill out the paper work and go up to get a new ticket and he asks me for my phone number, i must have looked confused, and he asked again. so i gave it to him, and hes still smiling like he knows a dirty secret about me.
    I take a horrible picture and go home.
    8 rolls around, and i got a phone call from the guy at the Dmv, and hes asking me out for dinner.
    I said no but it was still flattering.


    Summerres you little minx… going and break young boys heart!
    sure he doesn’t know about your secret? 😉


    PS What’s DMV?

    Mask Man N95

    Geez, sum. Creepy day. I do tend to flirt, but usually I know good limits and don’t come close to pushing them.

    Serena, it’s a state-by-state agency called the Department of Motor Vehicles. They issue driver licenses and other state IDs. Probably other things, too. Not sure.


    classic Sterotye of the Dmv is long waits and bad moods.
    its a staple in American comedy.
    he might, ive had some pretty close buyers…. i think he just wanted some arm candy ha ha.


    DMV means department of motor vehicles. It’s where we get our driver’s licenses.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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