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    doing some work for lynns mum she is divorced and a right flirt she has my life somedays,any way got hold of a pair of her panties while she went out shopping with lynne,nice full panties sucking on gusset was realy nice she tastes great,started to wank of with them felt loverly round my hard cock stopped thought i herd somthing no cant be back yet what are you doing with my panties a voice spoke out i froze,you naughty boy masturbating with my panties,what am i going to do with you,she sat on bed you have a nice penis would you like me to masturbate you i nearly cum ohhhhh yes please she got hold of my cock and gently started to wank me with her panties ,i do hope your not going to make a mess in them.i like stroking your penis i shot my hot spunk all over her voice made me spunk up,oh my you have made a mess what am i going to do with you,she cleaned up my spunk with her panties i think you should go now i will see you next time your round you dirty boy.

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