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    as you know lynns mums helping me with my pantie fetish she gets me so horny,called today to do some more work for her she looked realy nice in her floral dress her breasts looked pulled up realy big,my cock was going hard as i was thinking what she was wearing under her have got me realy hot and botherd you know would you like to do what you asked for the other day,no way i thought is she going to let me suck her pussy through her panties,she sat back down on her bar stool come here and kneel down in front of me my heart was pumping like mad,take out your penis for me and gently stroke it mmmmmmmm thats nice she said she opend her legs slightly and pulled up her dress to her knees run your hand inside my legs fuck me she had hold ups on i think do they feel nice ohhhh yes i said,would you like to put your head under my dress i dont know what you can do though i do i looked up under her dress she was wearing flesh coloured knickers i started to rub my fingers on her pussy i could see the front of her panties wear starting to get wet,looked like she had trimmed her pussy for me i put my face close to her panties and started to lick them she let out a little gasp sliding my mouth up and down her panties pulled them to one side and bingo she was soaking her cunt juices had soaked her panties she pulled my face deep into her soaking cunt is this what you wanted you dirty boy now eat me come on suck me clean i could not get enough of her pussy juices i shot my load on her leg could not hold back,mmmmmmmmmmmm im going to cum she let out ahhhhhhhh she nearly pushed my head up her pussy she was that rough oh my god that was so good look what you have done to my leg naughty,i gently put her panties back over her pussy and give her pussy a kiss loverly just loverly you taste great what you would like some more she said great cos i would too now of you go cu soon.

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