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    I am now an older, wiser crotch addict. I thank God for the sex-repressive religious circs in which I was raised as a young lad.This upbringing has only sharpened my sensitivity to crotch nuances, and ensured a lifelong interest in sex and “stink”. When just married i used to lift weight, take bodybuilding tonics, and my sperm was VERY thick and copius.My wife would COMPLAIN that it would paste her to the bed if she did not shower before it dried after i withdrew and shot slime ropes all over. Now, divorced, i just dribble, but the BRAIN EXPLOSION is just as intense.Not an IMPRINT as such, but I developed a crush on my LIT. teacher,a Scotswoman on teaching contract, while visiting her appartment and ogling her firm exposed legs and nice red-painted toes.It was a Sunday and there was a religious b/cast on at the time. She liked me because i played piano at school both at assembly and blues at parties.[NOTE TO MODS: I was 19. TRUE?. Sure, I was a retarded repeat student. Say, what is this, panty police? hahahah] I got a flash of her white-pantied crotch when she uncrossed her legs, and briefly sat with legs apart. PHUCCKIT!!!I was rigid,like steel, or sump’n , and in a crotch daze. I got up, hardon and all ,and said I needed to use the b/room . FUCKK!I raided her hamper, stealing the dirtiest,stainiest,smelliest panty I could find.I also stole her discarded blood-drenched padwith blobby filaments.OOH FUCKKITTT!!! HYMNS were playing, and she was licking her lips. This set up conflict mentally. Whnat to do? what to do?Make a move , which may have been repulsed, if i was misreading the signs, or rush home to Jerk, aided with the precious artifacts, ensuring a CERTAIN thrill.Dilemma: Hit on her or Jerk?… HIT or JERK? HIT or JERK?… As you have guessed, with such a [RELATIVELY] young (HAHAH MODS. Kiss, I luv you too, Dear serena. Respects!) JERK won. I did hit, later on, but that’s another story.
    FUCKK. I almost never lick gussett, no thrill there for me. I am addicted to the Mask position with hands free while sniffing and ogling some outrageous fisting(often the nonstop grunting Marcella) or gross blood red wings or shit porn(usuallg German queens)et al.
    When first married i would set up role play by asking wifey, a fairly good soprano, to sing hymns while I accompanied on the piano, in memory of Miss McMahon thriller episode(s). She will have on just well-worn stinky panties. “Dear Lord and father of Mankind, forgive our feverish ways…”

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