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    there is a god as you know she found me wanking with her panties well she phoned me and told me to get my ass round asap drove round straight away she let me in shut the door and put my hand up her skirt now rub my cunt you bastard my fingers moving up and down her pussy lips she turned round and sat on kitchen table opend her legs sit down in front of me do you like my panties she said fuck me i nearly cum yes i said good then well you had better start eating them i could not believe what i was going to do i nearly fainted with excitment my heart was nearly out of my chest i moved my mouth close to her panties and had my first lick of her panties mmmmmmmmmmm my second lick was from her ass to the top of her panties she pulled them to one side her cunt was clean shaven now suck on my cunt lips bastard she was so wet that cunt tastes fucking great i finger fucked her while sucking on her panties she clamped her legs round my head as she orgasmed she got of the table took panties of and let me stuff them up her cunt they went in so easy she was soaked right pull them out and get your cock out she put my balls on corner of table stood behind me and started to wank me of i want to see your spunk over my table it did not take long she looked realy pleased pulled panties out of her cunt put them in my pocket and told me to fuck off home till next time


    Some capitalization/punctuation would help us a bunch. Without them, I can’t tell where to start and stop or when someone is speaking. I think it’s a good story, IF I’m reading it correctly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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