Well Done Anna!

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    I just wanted to say Well Done to Anna and Thankyou  :kiss:

    For those of you who want to know why, I suggest you go and read the latest post on her blog, plus the extension and you will then appreciate even more how much this wonderful lady does for the PT, its members and of course the buyers.

    If I am ever up in court, I want her in my corner  smt


    even better: 


    I agree! Job well done Anna  :police:


    Thanks Cinds, I’m no good at the technical stuff  :idiot2:


    YES, well done Anna, Its a bloody great post.


    Yeah Anna made a nice effort but the bag of rocks as someone said [actually I think he meant box of rocks as in dumber than a box of rocks?] pretty well sums it up. Complete idiots for sure who manage to make their stupidity and complete contempt for buyers clear with every post.

    Looking more into the people posting in that thread reads like a Jerry Springer Show episode. I see one tried selling and failed miserably so she gave up trying and doesn’t even waste her time trying to sell anymore. The personality of a rabid raccoon, a fuck you buyers philosophy, and serious anger issues. Gee I wonder why she didn’t make it as a panty seller? Another has photos portraying her as an ungroomed gorilla and her posts there show that she either doesn’t speak and read English or she has a severe learning disability in reading comprehension. Sounds like a great person to buy from with her poor hygiene and an inability to read her orders it must be like going to the circus when trying to get your order straightened out. Maybe we should cut them a break it’s like picking on a class of special education kids.


    Awww shucks  :rolleyes:

    I could never do what I do if I didn’t have the support of you guys you know.

    I am seriously considering a law degree actually so if ever you need a solicitor…..

    Clark – Brilliant post and yes, exactly what I was thinking too  – they really showed themselves up didn’t they.


    Well its not all that funny when you consider that we buyers might be sending our money to persons having mild to moderate mental retardation. Its too bad the lure of a few bucks brings all of the socially economic challenged out of the woodwork.


    For crying out loud. I am entitled to my own opinion, and so is everybody else.

    I don’t really appreciate my blurb being “cut and pasted” into the blog post since my opinion has changed.  

    For the record, because of Anna’s explanation and interjection, I now understand the point of PT and the ins and outs of it – I didnt have all of the information, and I appreciate Anna’s clarification. If not for Anna’s information, I never would have changed my mind about it at all.

    Clark, how dare you call sellers idiots. Just because someone disagrees with you it doesn’t make them stupid or less intelligent.  They’re just DIFFERENT from you.   :rolleyes:

    The only buyers I have contempt for are the ones that don’t pay me!

    I grew up in a trailer by the way and I’m damn proud of it.   


    Having an opinion is different from slagging something off you know nothing about. I didnt even know you had written anything about Panty Trust as Anna never mentioned your name  :huh:

    Im glad that you did go and find out about though 🙂 .. it really isn’t the enemy


    For the record I didn’t say anything about you Glitterjo. This isn’t about having an opinion. The words are on the page printed in black and white. Anna even took the time to repost them and highlight them because the others were too lazy to look for themselves. This is about calling the color black red. If someone insists something is red when it is black I would say that there is something wrong with them. I apologize for my politically incorrect term and anyone who found it offensive. I have changed the term to the current term used by disability associations.

    PS. I can’t help but feel a maybe a bit responsible about the old crow simplysensual’s quick exit from panty selling. She was a semi regular here awhile ago and contacted me. I didn’t like her atitude and told her she was a ****. She is still a ****.


    Let’s play nice folks. There is no sense in starting hard feelings and calling names amongst ourselves. The used panty community is lucky to have some great sellers so let’s celebrate them and let those that aren’t so hot fade away as they always do. A reasonable person can read through those responses and draw their own conclusion as to what is accurate and what is sour grapes by a minority.

    How ’bout them Indians? dammit  :unsure:


    Hello Panty Hog,

    I’ve been contacted by several people asking why I, as the manager of Panty Trust, have made no comments in the recent threads regarding Panty Trust. Our service and unblemished reputation for over five years coupled with the service, actions, and awards our members have consistently shown and acquired tends to speak for itself. My personal belief is that an anonymous poster in an internet thread who would suggest that there is anything “fishy” about Panty Trust is irrelevant and instantly loses credibility because they paint themselves as someone who either hasn’t bothered to read up on a topic before posting, knows nothing about the used panty community and its history, or has other, more personal reasons to attempt to “cast doubt”.

    Please keep in mind that over the years Panty Trust has given some people reason not to like us too much. With the launch of Panty Trust, it immediately became more difficult for frauds and cheats to continue their business, we have revoked Panty Trust memberships from those who evidence had shown were no longer following ethical or fair business practices, we’ve taken strong action against those who have fraudulently displayed our seal in an attempt to mislead buyers, and we’ve refused memberships to those who for a number reasons did not meet the standards required to be a member of Panty Trust.

    Panty Trust very much appreciates the support many have shown recently, and I agree that Anna has done a very nice job and has gone above the call of duty by helping to clear up misconceptions for those that actually had questions as opposed to other agendas. Please keep in mind as well that two or three people who happen to post auctions at ebanned do not represent ebanned the business. Panty Trust has a very good relationship with ebanned itself and a good number of our Panty Trust members sell there. Anyone with questions about the way something works at Panty Trust is always welcome to contact me for a personal response.

    Thank you, Bill, Panty Trust Manager


    I’d just like to add that I think Anna did a great job in that thread, I find things like that all too scary and overwhelming myself and it’s nice that there’s people who are good at responding to that who can set the record straight.

    As for Clark’s comment:
    ‘Its too bad the lure of a few bucks brings all of the socially economic challenged out of the woodwork.’

    I spent three years living on the streets Clark, and my background wouldn’t even qualify for white trash status, so I guess that some of us aren’t judged on how we behave toward others, but on the luck of what we were born into?


    Gemma xxoo


    [quote author=ClarkGriswald link=topic=2698.msg17645#msg17645 date=1192294863]
    PS. I can’t help but feel a maybe a bit responsible about the old crow simplysensual’s quick exit from panty selling. She was a semi regular here awhile ago and contacted me. I didn’t like her atitude and told her she was a ****. She is still a ****.

    Wow. So you were really able to work up the courage to call a woman a pig by anonymous email while hiding behind a fake identity? Impressive!

    I’ve known simplysensual for several years within and outside of the panty selling world. I consider her to be a friend and I will not sit by and let her be attacked and slandered here. Apparently, whoever moderates this shit is A-Ok with it – I’m not.

    Clarkgriswald, aside from being spineless and having no class, trust me sport, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

    Molly, I thought Jen was a friend of yours? I’m a little surprised you didn’t jump in here to say something about this jackass’s comments.


    So you are Simplysensual on ebanned, Mark on Anna’s blog, and Viking here. You’ve impressed me that you can create accounts on different websites babe. But my opinion of you remains firm. Grow up.

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