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    It all started for me way back when I was a small boy aged about 11. I had 2 brothers and an older sister who would have been 15 or 16 at the time and she was just starting to see boys her age at the time.

    You’ll all recognise the fact that at my age I was just starting to get ‘hard ons’ and curious about the opposite sex. The internet wasn’t available and my dad certainly never had any adult magazines for me to look at. So to satisfy my needs I started to peek on my sister in her room through a vent above her bedroom door. I had to balance very delicately on the slim railings at the top of the stairs and hold on to her door frame and peek through.

    I would watch her dressing and undressing and so many times I was nearly caught but just managed to drop to the floor and hide in my bedroom next door to hers. This went on for about 2 years and I became very good at judging when to peek when she was taking off her panties which she threw on her floor.

    One day when she was out I walked into her room with complete freedom to explore her girlie things including 2 pairs of her soiled panties which I found where she usually threw them. It was an unbelievable feeling seeing her panties in a figure eight shape on the floor. I picked a pair up and unrolled them slowly. My heart was pumping and my cock began to get bigger.

    They were gorgeous little black lycra bikini style panties and I can remember the gussett was thicker I learned later on as I became a connoisseur of panties that this was double lined to re-enforce that particular part of the panty.

    I looked out of her bedroom door and peeked over the bannister to make sure no one was coming. Closed her door quietly and pressed the gussett of her panties to my nose. My god the smell was the most wonderful smell in the world. And as you can imagine my cock had become very hard. I took deep breaths in as I wanked my throbbing cock as hard and fast as I could and it took literally minutes for me to shoot my cum onto her carpet.

    I carefully rolled her panties back into a figure eight and placed them back where I found them. I’d later become very good at returning her panties back to their original shape simply by putting them on and rolling them off exactly like I’d seen her doing it when I peeked on her.

    Panties are now my single biggest fetish and I even adore the word ‘panties’. Long may the fetish continue and I now have developed a sexy addition to my addiction. Try kissing your wife/girlfriend passionately whilst her panties are over her face.

    Look forward to hearing your lovely panty comments.

    The UpskirtPantyMan x

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