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    Hello everybody, I just wanted to share a story about my wife, Barbara. It is ok to name her as she is the last person who would browse a forum like this.
    Anyway, I am 59, she 50. We have been married 27 years and have two grown-up and married sons.
    My wife is normally soberly dressed in long dresses etc but she has always worn delicate little bras and panties and loves me to buy her underwear for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc.
    We went on a 10-day holiday to Cyprus about five years ago and, as usual, made love every day.
    Arriving at the airport on our return, she took what appeared to be her personal holdall off the luggage contraption and opened it to look for her spectacles. To her horror, she found men’s shorts, socks, shoes, etc, rather than her personal things.
    We waited for some time to no avail and then had no option but to take the wrong bag home with us. I made enquiries the following morning and was told that a young man had contacted the airport after realising he had taken the wrong bag.
    I made arrangements to meet the young man at the airport in the afternoon but, to my amazement, Barbara refused to join us. In fact, she was absolutely furious that it was a young man who had her bag. “Why couldnt it have been a female” she shouted at me in dispair.
    I wondered just why she was so angry but all was revealed shortly after I met the boy at the airport. He was a lad of about 17 and seemed incredibly shy and reserved as I greeted him. “I’m very sorry, didnt mean any harm” he said, then turned a very bright red in the face.
    Determined to know why he was so embarrassed and my wife so furious, I opened the bag as soon as I got back to the car. I was instantly aware of a very familiar smell, the fishy odour of my wife’s vagina! There were seven pairs of my lovely wife’s dirty panties in the bag, each with the stains of her sex inside the smooth brushed cotton gussets.
    Barbara was obviously furious that a teenage boy had had access to such personal clothing and I must admit that I felt aroused at the thought of the young man lying in his bed and masturbating wildly on the strength of a married lady’s feminine stink.
    When she calmed down, my wife told me that there had actually been eight pairs of her used panties in the bag and one had gone missing. We took it no further but I like to think that the young man still has them and that he still wanks off when he smells my wife’s cunt juice inside them.


    hey man,
    most decent women are fiercely protective about their lingerie,panties in particular!!keep them under lock and key if there are adolescent sons around the household.they are right too.see i recently read a post by a teen-aged boy on another used panty site – he said he has been wearing his mother’s panties and masturbating for some years now and that he had developed incestuous feelings for her!! i wonder what the woman will do when she finds out.that kid is wrecked sexually.would take years of therapy to get rid of his mother fixation.
    but recently i have encountered mature women who sell their used panties as athrill or for extra cash! takes all kinds i guess


    I know that most women are fiercly protective regarding their used undies and keep them well hidden or locked away. However, the same usually goes with husbands.
    One time when the wife and I were away on holiday in Greece, I noticed just before we left that Barbara had left one of her used thongs in the waste basket. I didnt say anything to her but, just before we checked out, I made an excuse to go back to our room and scooped her thong out of the waste basket and into my jacket pocket.
    When I examined it later, I discovered that the reason shye had thrown it away was because the crotch absolutely stank of her piss and love juice, as we had made passionate love on our last night.
    I was so pleased I found it as I could not bear the thought of a male member of staff finding it, draping it over his nose and then wanking off, etc.
    The morning after we got back from holiday and my wife left for work, I retrieved it and enjoyed the my lady’s pungent vaginal odour, whilst masturbating until I shot my load.



    Really WONDERFUL story crotchboy. Nothing better than a woman who stinks. I only have daughters,but i’d had sons, I’d make damned sure they never had a chance to develop ANY HOPE of banging their mother. Sheet that’s not proper. between contact sports, music, studying for schplarships, even if I could pay, they fucking well would have to beat meat till they had girlfriends. I KNOW what incestuous thought can do. Did I not sniff my Mom’s dirty/stainy undies for years? Did i not sniff my aunt’s FRAGRANT very smelly hamper panties, and even ‘fall in love with her’, going so far as to finger her and getting a wank? Absolutely disgraceful, hahahah!!!That’s why I am still a perv, sniffing around panty websites , and even BUYING stink, SPIT, and pee,ETC(which I put in freezer and use to chase scotch) from strange women(MY dead father would have rathered i kill a man accidentally in a bar room fight! FAR More MANLY. Hahahah). GOD BLESS PANTY GIRLS!!!

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