Yahoo chat conference Wednesday 10Th?

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    I am going to set up a yahoo voice chat conference on Wednesday 10Th and 6PM GMT. Is any one else up for it?


    Nice idea meyerlansky123 there hasn’t been a scheduled chat in a while. Unfortunately, I’ll be at work at that time. Then again, I’m probably not the chat partner you were looking for 😉

    Any way, here’s a bump. Hopefully some will be available to meet then.

    Mask Man N95

    Hmmm, if only it weren’t voice. I don’t have the means to contrubute my voice. It’d be fun to do a chat, though. I’d be curious which girls would show.


    Guys and gals all welcome, and admin I am hoping to keep the room o-pen for a while.


    I’ll try to pop in 🙂


    PM me on yahoo or send me a message on here to get in to the conference. I will open it up about 18:00 hours tonight if your in the USA that should be about early afternoon.


    I forget to add my Yahoo ID is meyer_lansky123.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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