Where to buy used panties

Many men love sniffing panties. The smell of soiled knickers is a huge turn on for fetishists. Japanese men are widely regarded as first having developed a panty fetish where used panties could be bought in vending machines. When wondering where to buy used panties, the 3 biggest communites are pantydeal.com, Myusedpantystore.com and Pantybid.com.


How to avoid fakes when buying used panties


If any of these websites are used, there are many important things to consider, such as the person who is selling panties. It is important that used thongs are bought from trustworthy people. When questioning ‘where to buy dirty thongs?’ a seller must be entirely genuine. Many sellers offer a webcam service where questions can be asked directly. If there is no option to cam with panty sellers, another should be chosen. By deciding to chat with panty sellers, the items that they currently have available can be modelled. As each item can be looked at, the quality of each pair of panties can be assessed before deciding if they should be bought.

Search results can also be edited on the aforementioned websites. When a buyer has a strict budget, it can be followed because panties can be looked at according to price. Some sellers also have offers for their panties. For example, a pair of soiled panties might be provided free of charge when more than a dozen are bought. When using any of the aforementioned websites, find out if such offers are available.

Try to look for verified members

Boost sales with the certified member badge

Buy from verified members

Only verified members should be chosen. When preferring to buy from certified members, only high quality items will be bought. If a member isn’t verified, their panties might be brand new and not used. When a verified member is chosen, it is guaranteed that they are amateur. By choosing sellers that are 100% real amateurs, their panties will be genuine. Amateur members that have been verified are guaranteed to sell no fakes. Buyers should be wary when using any of the aforementioned websites because the panties that are bought might not be soiled at all.

Look for used panty sellers with real good reviews

Get some good reviews to boost your sales

Watch out for seller`s with good reviews

The reviews for each seller should also be read before taking a look at their panties. When a seller has great reviews, their panties can be bought in confidence. By choosing to look out for bad reviews, poor sellers can be filtered and, therefore, ignored. As with Ebay and Amazon, reviews give an indication of the thongs that have previously been purchased. If there have been discrepancies with any panties, they will be highlighted in the reviews.

Smelly sock fetish? No problem:

As well as dirty thongs, other items can be bought on the aforementioned websites such as socks. Many people have a foot fetish and owning dirty socks are their ultimate fantasy. As with buying panties, photos of socks are usually provided. The same with buying thongs also applies to socks because a verified member should be chosen.

Conclusion: By taking this advice into consideration, finding a pair of used panties that can fulfil any fantasy needn’t be difficult. As there are plenty of online sellers who have many different panties in their catalogue, there isn’t a limited number to choose from. In fact, a panty sniffer will have many options.


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