Where to sell used panties

Many men around the world have fantasies of sniffing panties. The scent of a vagina or urine on panties is what turns many men on. Men spend a lot of money on dirty panties that are in any condition. When a woman wants to find out where to sell used undies to those who have a panty fetish, there are many places to do so, such as pantydeal.com.


It couldn’t be any easier to make extra money on Pantydeal.com and the same also applies to both Myusedpantystore.com and Pantybid.com. After registering an account on either of these websites, there are many things that can be done in order to generate more sales, such as becoming verified.

Verfiy your account and boost your used panty sales

Fetishists don`t like fakes and want assurance that the panties they are buying have been worn by women. When deciding to sell smelly thongs, an account must be verified. If an account isn’t verified, it will be very difficult to sell used panties because its authenticity could be doubted. Having an account verified also offers proof that you are not fake. By getting a certified badge from a website, it can then be displayed on a profile. As a result, there is bound to be more interest in the panties that are being sold.

Chat with hundreds of panty fetishists

When looking for the easiest way to make money on the aforementioned websites, hold an interview with potential buyers. When a buyer knows that a woman is genuine, there will be a lot of interest in her panties. By holding a discussion via a webcam, a woman can also be asked questions regarding the panties that she is currently selling. It is also a great way to promote yourself. Many men like to own panties from women that they have talked to. By simply talking to potential buyers online for a couple of minutes, this approach will be central to making more income the easy way. Hosting online conversations also helps with networking. As more people become aware of a particular seller, positive word of mouth can spread which can also lead to an increase in sales. It also proves that a woman is able to meet customer needs because she is able to offer the items that are wanted.

Sell used panties, thongs and socks

When wanting to earn extra money by selling thongs, it is important that reviews are obtained from previous customers. If an account has a high feedback rating, there will be more interest because it proves that a seller is trustworthy. After an item has been sold, a woman can ask her customers to write reviews. Even if a woman has sold just a handful of items before, there will still be a lot of interest in the panties that she has as long as her account has very good feedback.

Although such websites do specialise in enabling men to buy used panties, other items of clothing can also be sold. When wanting to sell dirty socks, they can also be put onto an account that has many panties and thongs. As many men have foot fetishes, used socks can be sold for a lot of money. In fact, some men are willing to pay far more for used socks than soiled thongs or G-strings.


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