Member Jazzy Expresses His Frustration

Why do people do things like this ?

As a member of this site for about 6 months now?I have had great pleasure with all the contents that are available to all members.As most of you will know?I do like posting in the forum mainly for a bit of fun but?I can be serious when required.
One pleasure?I did have was voting and leaving comments in the photo galleries, this sadly is no longer available.I know it is not exact or 100% accurate but like most people it was just another piece of the site where we could have a bit fun.
Sadly this has now been removed because of persons abusing the system by downgrading votes and?I assume this was more spiteful than anything else.
Now a little part of the site has been removed denying all good members this option because of some selfish people, who?I hope now regret their childish behaviour.
Though they won’t realise, things like this will only make us more determined to succeed and?I can assure you we will.



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