panty seller problem

I have been a panty buyer for the past  year, so far the sellers I have spent my money with have been impeccable, but recently I encountered some really poor new sellers with no manners.


On the most recent orders  I received around Christmas, I noticed that there was a big smear of poo near the gusset, I had never ordered that because I’m not into it. When contacting the seller I was told that it was a mistake and that I would receive another pair of her thong the same week.

I said OK. 

2 weeks later nothing arrived, so I emailed the seller again, she said she was having family problems and didn’t have the time to wear the thong, but worst of all was that she was completely unapologetic about it. She sent her panties a week ago and they arrived in a unzipped bag with not even a note, and to be honest I think she didn’t bother wearing them. I said it wasn’t good enough and not only she never responded, but her website has disappeared. 

I had received great panties earlier, but this girl has really left a negative impression on me and  from now I am going to stick with my panty trust regular girls only.

So please don’t contact me if you are not verified 


Thank you for listening to my rant 





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