Cindy's Gushers Came .. and so did I

I see Drewboy has posted a news item about Cindy’s ‘Elixir’ panties 🙂 and as Cindy has ‘launched’ said items for sale on her site, now would be a good time to post a somewhat fuller review of Cindy’s Elixir lol

Cindy sells almost everything a horny guy or gal could want, Used Panties, Worn Panties, Nighties, Pussy Pops the list goes on 😀  Normally Cindy’s items will be masturbated in and have the delicious scent of a horny woman on them mmmm YUUMMM hehehe

Cindy has been learning to ejaculate and recently she was preparing an order for a nightie for me, and emailed me to ask if I would like it if she ejaculated on it.  I’ve been lucky to know a woman who could ejaculate so I knew within reason what to expect; an earthy, musky scent that is very horny and is NOT pee!!  So I gladly agreed to try out Cindy’s Elixir hehehe

When I got the package from Cindy I noticed the usual careful wrapping was soaked through and the scent when I opened the zip locked package was just the horny scent I remembered from my experiences with an ejaculating woman .. my previous experiences!  It didn’t smell of days old panties, nor did it smell or taste of traditional worn panties; this was the smell and taste of fresh pure concentrated pussy juice mmmm YUUUUMMMM 😀

The nightie was soaked in Cindy’s ejaculate, and before anybody doubts or says anything it doesn’t smell of pee! If you like the smell of pee then Elixir are definitely NOT for you! .. It’s nothing like pee in the slightest. What you will get is a very musky item covered in the natural love juice of a horny woman!

The scent lasts for ages and was, to me, extremely horny and fuelled my horndog fanstasies for ages hehehe and still does 😀  I did think that the lovely tissue wrapping would make a good fake tissue to have in your pocket just in case you needed a sniff to make you horny during the day but be careful you might have to go and take care of the ‘horn’ while at work  lmao

So if you fancy experiencing what Cindy’s Elixir really is like, head on over to Cindy’s site.


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