Cherie Announces A New Taste Treat

Pure Cherie!

CherieWhen a fan asked me if there was a way he could get a pure taste of my?intoxicating pussy juice, I got to thinking – and came up with my new juicy play gloves!?These doctor-style (non-latex) gloves are drenched in nothing but my orgasmic cream, and are carefully packed to ensure they arrive fresh, wet, and ready for your licking pleasure.?

Here’s what my British fan has to say:? “When I tentatively peeped inside the glove and saw the glisten of wet pussy juice I couldn’t stop myself. I was going to slowly sniff the glove, reveal the fingers and dab my tongue here and there, and really savour the moment. Then I was going to pack it away for later homage….As it turned out, it was just like licking the last of your favourite ice cream from the carton. Once I tasted your lovely,wet juice I went at the glove like a pitbull at a rat. I just could not stop until I’d licked the glove entirely clean”

Cum and get your own juicy play glove (or vice versa ;-D), only $15/?8 each!? Click Here to go to my site and order one of Cherie’s play gloves.


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