Darcy Announces Unbeatable Offer

DarcyI’ve finally done it, my drawers are fit to bust! So I’m continuing my BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Offer……but! Now with every order you will get a FREE floppy of photos and a FREE Pussy Pen.

So if you buy a thong, you will get two (they will both be in the same style, but if you order week worn, only one pair will be week worn to keep order times down!) and a disc of photos and a pussy pen, all for ?14! The same with socks, Buy a pair of socks, tights etc and get one free and a pussy pen and disc of photos! Buy one get one free is not on dvds or photo sets, but if you order either of these you will still get a free disc of photos and free pussy pen!


Darcy xxxx    Click Here for Darcy’s web site

I accept nochex and ikobo. If you wish to pay by ikobo send me an email with what you want and I’ll send a request.


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