His first time.

I work in adult “novelty” store (Sex shop. Lol), and I had a fun experience with a closet dresser. He kept to himself at the back of the store, which isn’t uncommon, but I noticed that he stayed in one area, and stared at the floor most of the time. He had his eye on the stockings, garters, and a few of the lovely sets that are available. If another customer came anywhere near him, he’d shuffle off to another area, and pretend to check out a few items. When they left, he’d make his way back to the lingerie.

I approached him when the store was empty, smiled, and asked if it was his first time. He nodded, and turned beet red before he explained that he wasn’t quite sure of what would fit him. I wouldn’t normally offer to help choose one’s outfit, but he didn’t seem like the type to try to get off on the conversation. I couldn’t allow him to try anything on, but I showed him what would look best on him, and what sizes he should stick with. After we picked out a few things, I went to the panty section, and brought two pairs of panties to the register. I told him that I had an identical pair a few months ago, and I thought that it would be fun for us to match if he’d like.

He quickly nodded, and was grinning ear to ear as he paid for his pretty things. I told him that he can ask for me via phone is he’s too shy to shop with anyone else the next time.

I had to share, he’s a sweetheart.

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