Laven's new site is up and running

LavenHI Everyone! is finally up and running! I'm so excited! I cant wait to chat with new people form far away places about how wet my panties are. In case you missed my intro that I posted Ill tell you about myself: My Name is Laven  I am a thirty something Midwestern  girl. I'm finding myself thinking about sex 24/7! I think about it so much, in fact that by the end of the day my panties are showing the signs of a very excited and horny lady…(that would be me…hehehehe). (please click "read more")

Now that I've found you all… maybe I can share what's left on my panties after a hard day of working , working out at the gym and rubbing and touching myself every chance it get from the time I get up to the time I fall into a blissful sleep (after rubbing one out of coarse….hahahaha)  If I've gotten your attention… I'm sure I'll be seeing more of you… cant wait. Talk to you soon..
.kisses baby!


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