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 I have got back from my camping trip, It was my first as I was a camping Virgin and it will not be my last. I loved it, and better still…… I made the best panties ever!!!!!

I went with my girlie friends and we did loads of walking, up and down big hills and a huge descent to the bottom of a waterfall, gosh it was a long way and the sun was so hot…..we got very hot and sweaty lol
We had a very basic campsite, it was basically a field with a small wooden hut which contained 2 small toilets and 1 cramped shower. I was a very naughty girl and only had 1 shower in the whole 4 days and nights I was there. the shower was not pleasent. but never mind cos I made some fab nicethings whilst there 🙂







I have added some of my tasty juicy nicethings onto my website already. Grab them whilst they are hot x

More pics of my camping time to follow soon, I have waterfalls and trains giggli giggle 🙂

Sugar & Spice
Love Lily xxx 


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