New Members at Sorority-X

Newest Members in Sorority X-? Bryn & Livvie!

Sorority X has 2 brand-new members:? Bryn and Livvie!? The newest “sisters” live in the Southeastern US and have been selling panties on their own for several months.? If you’ve got a moment, please come to the website and “meet” them-? each has her own page modeling her unique and sexy used panties, as well as some details about how and why she sells her panties.? We are delighted they’ve joined and you will be, too!? Remember, if you’re a used panty seller and are interested in joining, just send an email along with some recent pics to [email protected] for consideration.? If you’re serious about customer service and 100% committed to delighting your buyers, there’s a sorority looking for you too!


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