Thanks – and Help Needed

So, where have I been and what have I been doing?

Those of you who know me know that I'm now a full time professional dominatrix so I've been busy either busting some bloke's balls or filming it or I've been writing my Domme site – continually. Although I don't sell my used panties any more I am still very much a part of the used panty community on Panty Hog and much to my delight I won another award.


Thank you so much for nominating me and then voting for me. 🙂 ( please click "Read More" )

So what does a retired panty girl do with her panty site? I've decided to create an advice site for buyers because there are still too many buyers getting ripped off when there is so much advice out there. Unfortunately this advice is all over the place and not neatly packaged up in one accessible spot so that the buyer can spend a bit of time fully informing his head so that when his willy tries to take over the head has more of a say on who to buy from and who to avoid like the plague.

I have started to write the new site. I have decided to tell you because now I have told you I have no option but to pull my finger out and get cracking.

I need your help though. I need some quotes from buyers who can give me their experiences or impressions of sites such as;


  • Panty Hog
  • Panty Trust
  • PantyMan
  • PantyDrawer

Auction sites such as;

  • ebay
  • ebanned
  • My Used Panty Store
  • PantyBid

and independent sellers selling via

  • blog
  • their own site
  • through other sellers' sites
  • or just by posting their email address on a forum somewhere.

Advice, quotes, horror stories, discoveries, anything that you think other buyers could do with knowing, advice that you wish YOU had before you started the precarious task of finding a seller you could trust.

Either leave a comment on here or drop me a line to

[email protected]

Thanking you in anticipation

Anna x


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