New Years Eve Pink Panty Raffle


 To start up 2010 with a bit of fun, I’ll be running a pink panty raffle at midnight! The winner will receive a pair of  pink panties or thongs  worn from midnight throughout the 1st of January, a set of photos and a sweet pus pop. Everyone who has purchased a raffle ticket will receive a set of naughty photos. So everyone is a winner! The ticket winner will be notified preciselty at midnight  via text message or email.
 Raffle tickers are only £5/$8, to purchase one please send an Amazon voucher to [email protected] and write ref: PR10, your name and email. Alternately, you can purchase your raffle ticket on MUPS or visit my blog 
Wishing you a happy 2010!
Smoochi  New Year kisses


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