Everything HALF PRICE for 3 days!



Hi Panty Lovers!

Its that time of the year, where im thinking about all the new panties ill be buying next year to wear for you. But I need need NEED to send out some of the current pairs. They have to have homes…right? 😀 

So Every single auction I have up at my MUPS store will be HALF PRICE the price shown!

A whole weeks worth of panties for just £ 35!

It’s Only going on for a few days So i hope you will take a peek at my store and let me wear some of my panties for you. You can take advantage of this sale and purchase as many as you want, and I am happy to stagger them over the weeks so you get your moneys worth in a longer period of time 😀 

Come and check out my Panties today! 🙂 



( This excludes my Happy Smelloween auction with Dr Thong )


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