FetishKittens First competition

heartpantiesHey guys and dolls, just for fun…I'm going to have my first competition!

On my blog you'll find the full details, so click the link to have a look.
<a href="http://fetishkitten.wordpress.com/2007/04/23/the-kinky-crusader/" target="_blank">Visit my blog </a> 

I've made a cartoon picture of myself as The Kinky Crusader! using the HeroGenerator and i'm going to ask some of the other girls to make themselves as a super hero on the <a href="http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/heroMachine2/heromachine2.asp" target="_blank">generator</a>, then i'll post them on my blog.  It'll then be your job to email me and tell me which superhero is which panty girl!

Whoever gets the most correct answers will win a prize.
That prize will be a special used panty package that will for now remain secret 😉  Also there will be a vote to decide which of the panty superheros you like best, and the girl voted as the best will win a brand new female erotica book for their enjoyment.

If any of the girls want to enter but dont have time to make a hero then i'll make one for you, just let me know and drop me an <a href="mailto:[email protected]">Email</a>

Xxx FetishKitten xxX 


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