Just Launched UK Used Panty Site

Hi Everyone. Just launched my new site www.UsedPantiesOnline.com and can’t wait to get more panties juiced up doing various naughty things. Sold quite a few through the ad-listing service but have always wanted to have my own site so I have control. I’m a size 8, and bra size 32b, I love the idea of someone getting off to the smell of my pants specially if I know I’ve done something wicked in them.

Started in the panty fetish a few months ago and didn’t realise how turned on I get just thinking about it. Even use my own panties when masterbating when I’m really turned on. You’ll see my prices are only fair and that there’s a few extra options to choose from. Email me at [email protected] to ask any questions or requests. Look forward to hearing from you and feel free to look around. Comments to improve the site would be greatfully received thanks..

bye  Laura XX


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