New to the site: Ms. Minxy Laveau



Welcome to my boudoir!

I’ve been selling my negligee for a year and a half now, so we may already be acquainted. Send a hello my way! 😉

Here’s a link to my auctions on MUPS! I’ve posted all new panties and videos for you! My pictures are taken late at night, so that will give you something to think about you see the soft light shining from the bedroom windows on your street. I have a penchant for lingerie. The thought of you eagerly waiting for me as I strip off my negligee after they’ve been held taut against my incredibly soft skin turns me on.


Breathe in my intoxicating scent as you give in to your desires, imagine sneaking peeks at them nestled between my luscious thighs, soaking up all of my sweet, and spicy scents.

From my bedroom to yours…

I want you to lick and suck every last drop of my juices from my panties as you breathe in my sweet scent!

I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences selling my unmentionables, and I’ve made quite a few friends.


“Come up and see me sometime!”




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