Reply To: Re: Complete Panty FAQ?


I call it a cum baggie….yumm!!!

I gave one out in my Panty Hog Contest  smt
The going rate is whatever you think you want for such a request! I have not seen to many sellers offering this item yet! It is one of my best add on items 🙂 I sell mine for $15 a baggie, I have seen a few other ladies sell them for $20-$25  😉

I believe there is only one definition for Cream Pies…
which is a mixure of your juices and your mates juices together soaking into the gusset of the panty after sex  smt

As for Ass wipe, that’s what I call people when I am very pissed off and fustrated  lmao
I think it can be many things though, like toilet tissue etc;

Mi  smt


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